Introduction Edit

Bollivierke used to be a respected user on CPHQ, due to some recent events. He has turned into somewhat of an asshole.

Blogger Edit

Bollivierke was a blogger for a long time, he rarley updated the site claiming it was boring to do it himself. But even when Flooger and Plonk_ were made bloggers, he still didn't update.

Moderation Edit

Bollivierke was a moderator just before CPHQ switched to vBull. He was a bit cocky but highly respected. A good moderator, made few mistakes.

Demoderation Edit

Bollivierke wanted revenge on Sly Cooper for Rick Rolling him, so he decided to send a redirecting URL to Haloids to Sly. Haloids is a major virus site. It is much worse then Rick Rolling. The viruses destroyed Sly's hard drive and got him Grounded. For you see Haloids screams "HEY EVERYONE I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!!!!" and shows some vulgar images.

Sly Cooper how ever, got back at him by getting him de modded and banned. He used the fact that Haloids is technically porno, and exposing a minor to Pornography is strictly illegal. With a litte help From Blueboy, Sly got Bollivierke demodded permanently. He came back as a different person, he hates Sly now. He got over it, unlike Sly.