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ClubPenguinHQ is an online forum, originally created by RancidKraut. Who was one of the first people to exploit and cheat on the game Club Penguin. When the forum was created it was dedicated to releasing cheats and exploits for Club Penguin however, it was shut down because forums that included cheats and exploits for programs or online games were not allowed by the service he was using. So RancidKraut bought his own server and sold adspace using Google Adsense to keep the server running.

Expansion Edit

Rancidkraut enticed new members to join the forum by creating "Bots" for Clubpenguin to advertise the forum. He did this for a while until a large group of members joined the forum. Thanks to him even today the forum still has a large community and active members. However this has brought in a quantity of unwanted members as well. Some have been disliked so much that they have earned themselves a place in ClubpenguinHQ's history.

Today Edit

Today the exploitation and cheating of Clubpenguin has slowed down to a hault. As most of the users of ClubpenguinHQ will agree, CPHQ is now more of a general forum and is treated as such. There is a popular saying on ClubpenguinHQ that goes "Clubpenguin cheating is dead".

Members Edit

Members of ClubpenguinHQ have learned to be somewhat different from other members on different forums. They have different personalities. They are not the type of users who welcome new updates and such. There have even been some troubles with other forums. The members have learned to see which new members will be good, and which ones will be plain annoying. Some members even have a reputation to ward off unwanted members. One such is Andrewp182, or Sly Cooper. However, if new members can take the heat from older members, they learn to go along with the system.