Donkey is a retired global moderator and member who joined ClubPenguinHQ July 8th, 2007. Donkey joined with the username 'mr peckle'.

Hijacking of Xboxsosmart's Forum AccountEdit

A nearly forgotten event now, as Xbox has forgived Donkey. When Bribbles were free, Donkey created one for testing a Bribble trainer that James was working on. He asked Xbox if he wanted to be a moderator. On Bribbles you had to tell the administrator of the chatbox the password that you wanted, so that's what Xbox did. Donkey then tested it on his CPHQ account. Xboxsosmart was not a staff member at the time, so Donkey was then blamed for hijacking a staff member account. He was then permanently banned by RancidKraut. However, later unbanned due to forgiveness of real life issues. RancidKraut: A little forgiveness can go a long way. Ice Xenon, aka James Greenhalgh, the other person who hijacked the account remained banned.

Moderator PositionEdit

Donkey was promoted to a moderator in training July 10th, 2008. Many users disliked this as he has only just come back from being inactive for a long time. Users weren't commenting on the moderation of Donkey, but how he got his moderation. Users felt it may have been because he donated the Bribble to CPHQ that he was made a moderator. There were mixed feelings about the subject, but generally it was thought that he was a good moderator.

Global ModerationEdit

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July 19th, 2008; Donkey posted a poll asking whether users thought he should be a global moderator. Most users voted because of how they felt he was made a moderator, and how they felt that they deserved it more than he did because they had been active for a long time and followed the guidelines of becoming a moderator. The votes were always very close, but in the end Donkey won and was promoted to a Global Moderator as of July 23rd, 2008.

Global DemoderationEdit

A few hours later, he was demoted back to a moderator in training by Steven. This was because several users were complaining about it. Donkey then decided that he wasn't interested in the job because of how the users were reacting to his moderation. Steven then posted a topic announcing resignation of Donkey from his staff position.